SK Food Group Deploys Optical LAN in the New Manufacturing Facility

How does a business solve the dilemma between maximum network performance and minimum equipment footprint? For a modern business like the SK Food Group, compromise was not an option.

For that reason, SK Food Group recently deployed Tellabs’ fiber-based Optical LAN in their new facility, as opposed to the traditional, copper-based infrastructure.

How does Optical LAN achieve what copper can’t?

To start, Tellabs’ Optical LAN converged SK Food Group’s wireless and wired services onto a single infrastructure. Combined with Optical LAN’s better reach, this significantly decreased the amount of equipment needed to operate its network. Because fiber offers nearly unlimited bandwidth, SK Food Group’s new facility can also easily support data, VoIP, wireless, surveillance and manufacturing control services without the need for constant infrastructure upgrades for years to come.

For more, read the news release here.

New Bundles To Increase Office 365 Profits for Partners

Microsoft Office 365 could be a major cash cow for the channel. Yet, many consultants, system integrators and service providers are not capitalizing on the opportunity due to complexity of the move. BitTitan recently unveiled new bundles to help its partners overcome this challenge.

The bundles include BitTitan’s solutions that fully automate migration and onboarding to Office 365, eliminating the complexities that typically result in downtime and lost data for the customers. The result is reduced costs and a seamless transition that truly enable partners to profit from Microsoft cloud.

More specifically, the new bundles are as follows:

  • The Activation bundle – includes BitTitan’s automated email and data migration solution, MigrationWiz, and DeploymentPro, its solution for automatic configuration and onboarding of existing Outlook clients to Office 365.
  • The Office 365 QuickStart bundle – enables partners to get their first BitTitan UserActivation project free (up to 30 licenses). UserActivation is BitTitan’s end-to-end cloud-based solution for onboarding companies or projects of under 150 seats to Office 365.

For more details, click here.

Black Friday: Three Tech Tips to Remember

Black Friday brings in billions for retailers across the U.S. It also brings out stress and aggravation for anyone attempting to fight through the crowds and massive lines. Even so, it’s the best time of year to get the latest gadgets for your loved ones (or perhaps yourself). But, just as these gadgets are enhancing our day-to-day lives, there are steps that can be taken to do the same for our Black Friday experience.

Here are three ways to make your Black Friday tech shopping experience more friendly:

  1. While the saying is old, there is an app for that – find the deals you need, locate the stores, etc. from your tablet or smartphone and get a shopping plan in place early.
  2. Don’t know what to buy for the “techy” in your life?  Place your trust in pubs like The Verge and TechRadar to keep you up-to-date – be it tech for entertainment or work.
  3. Don’t let recent hacking debacles (like Target and Home Depot) steer you away from Black Friday. There are steps you can take to keep your digital data safe.

Is there a new tablet, smartphone, or another device you have your eye on worth the Black Friday craze this season?

Partnership Perfects Apple’s Per App VPN

Apple’s per app VPN is an attractive offering for enterprises. But to truly take advantage of its capabilities, enterprises need reliable solutions to manage employees’ devices and enable VPN connectivity.

Today, Cortado has joined forces with F5 to make this possible. Through the partnership, Cortado Corporate Server, the ONE solution for all enterprise mobility needs, and F5’s BIG-IP® Access Policy Manager (APM) enable businesses to take full advantage of iOS’ per app VPN. Cortado and F5 provide both security and bandwidth efficiency for a workforce increasingly becoming dependent on iOS devices. The result is a truly secure, easy-to-implement business container that optimizes mobility productivity.

Check out the press release here.

Thanksgiving Tech: Before, During and After

Thanksgiving – a time for family, friends and, of course, eating to the point of being happily, yet uncomfortably full. But, it might not be all laughs and food hangovers for those of us responsible for cooking or hosting the feast.

At VisiTech PR, we’re all about the latest technologies that overcome barriers and simplify how things are done. Planning and preparing Thanksgiving dinner is no exception. Check out the technologies below for use before, during and after Thanksgiving. Just like our clients do for the likes of everything from video delivery to enterprise mobility, these tools can make your Thanksgiving experience seamless, simple and offer the best possible quality of experience for you and your guests.


With Epicurious, you can findeverything from traditional to creative Thanksgiving meal ideas to fit the preference of your guests. It even puts together a grocery list for you.


Need some entertainment for the little ones? There are plenty of online games with a Thanksgiving theme to help pass the time.  And if you get caught up in the games, here is a handy timer so you don’t forget about the turkey.


Many argue leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving.  Here is an app that shows you how to maximize ROI on turkey and stuffing this year.

Happy planning!

Any other technologies you can’t live without this year?

Uruguayan Operator Antel Goes Digital

2015 marks the year of the analog-to-digital switch in Uruguay. As 2015 is quickly approaching, operators are in need of a quick and reliable solution for the switch.

Antel, Uruguay’s national telecommunications operator, chose Net Insight’s Nimbra solution to help them make the transition.

Net Insight’s Nimbra platform is a robust solution capable of meeting all of the challenges Antel faced. Through a number of unique features, such as lossless routing, quality enhancements, and easy end-to-end service provisioning, Net Insight’s Nimbra solution is the industry’s leading media transport solution for digital TV distribution.

Check out the details in the press release here.

Why Optical LAN Beats Copper to Meet Campus Bandwidth Needs

A recent Harris poll found that 81% of college students believe tablets will transform the ways in which college students learn. The same study also reported that 36% of students would like to use mobile devices more often than they do now in the classroom.

This supports the fact that campus IT networks, now more than ever, need reliable Internet connectivity with enough bandwidth to meet the needs of the 21st century classroom and its students.

That’s one of the reasons why student-housing expert Elauwit recently deployed a new type of fiber-based network from Tellabs called Optical LAN, across five campuses. The fiber-based solution offers:

  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth so it can easily expand to support future services and growing number of devices on campus networks
  • Improved Wi-Fi and wired services
  • Efficient centralized management
  • Simpler design with less equipment and cabling that fits within the cottage-style property

For more details, read the news release here.

Why Businesses NEED iOS 8.1

Businesses responses will vary, but we can expect one specific element to be a top priority for most: security.

The latest OS updates from Apple have made iOS devices safer for the workplace than ever before. The release of iOS 8.1 is no exception. The latest version closed a security loophole with app extensions. Hence, Apple has sealed any cracks preventing iOS from being a truly secure business container.

Therefore Cortado is urging companies to update from iOS 8 to iOS 8.1. Companies should make the update not just because of bug fixing, but because iOS 8.1 offers a more fluid user experience, for example support for messaging on all Apple devices.

Have you made the update?

Seven Things to Know About Apple Pay

Do you take Apple Pay? That question could soon be as common as, “Do you take Visa?”

For anyone who hasn’t been overwhelmed by recent headlines, Apple Pay enables mobile payments for goods and services via iPhones, both in stores and within participating apps. Say goodbye to the wallet, your phone is all you need!

But, not just anyone, anywhere can use Apple Pay. Here are the basic things you need to know:

  1.  You must have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus (and iOS v8.1)
  2. You must be in the United States, supposedly.
  3. The retailer must support (NFC) payments
  4. It’s easy, but remember, it’s still very new – expect shock and confusion
  5. It’s actually pretty secure, using “tokenization” to keep data safe.
  6. Thousands of retailers have been keen to jump on board, but others have their hesitations or hurdles.
  7. Don’t use Apple? Well, Google has had a similar service for years.

Have you tried Apple Pay yet? Let us know your experiences.


Survey Finds Companies’ Mobile Printing Potential Lacks

Printing is still a thing, even in the digital age. Don’t think so?

99% of people still have and use a printer in their homes. Furthermore, they want to be able to print with their mobile devices, specifically for work purposes.

Most enterprises, however, are not accommodating to employees’ printing needs. Why? Because they are not fully aware of the benefits this has for the workplace, nor that enabling this is not a complex and time-consuming task.

Enterprise mobility management leader Cortado has compiled a survey further detailing the desires and needs of mobile printing for the enterprise. Key findings include:

  • Printing still is common in the home with almost all users owning a printer privately.
  • The desire to print via mobile device is even more important for consumers than mobile access to cloud storage.
  • Smartphones and tablets are rarely provided by the company, most are privately owned.

Check out the news here. When was the last time you needed to print something and wasn’t able to while mobile?