Survey Finds Companies’ Mobile Printing Potential Lacks

Printing is still a thing, even in the digital age. Don’t think so?

99% of people still have and use a printer in their homes. Furthermore, they want to be able to print with their mobile devices, specifically for work purposes.

Most enterprises, however, are not accommodating to employees’ printing needs. Why? Because they are not fully aware of the benefits this has for the workplace, nor that enabling this is not a complex and time-consuming task.

Enterprise mobility management leader Cortado has compiled a survey further detailing the desires and needs of mobile printing for the enterprise. Key findings include:

  • Printing still is common in the home with almost all users owning a printer privately.
  • The desire to print via mobile device is even more important for consumers than mobile access to cloud storage.
  • Smartphones and tablets are rarely provided by the company, most are privately owned.

Check out the news here. When was the last time you needed to print something and wasn’t able to while mobile?

What Does iOS 8 Mean for the Business?

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, iOS 8 is dominating the industry. The enhanced productivity and usability for the end user that each provides is a complete game changer.

But, there is a major question that has yet to be answered: What does this mean for the enterprise?

The advances from Apple are evolving it into the go-to-source for business users. But the onslaught of Apple devices that will increasingly be in the hands of employees forces companies to take a long, strategic look at their enterprise mobility strategy. How can IT assure employees truly benefit from the capabilities of Apple, while still managing the devices and maintaining the security it needs?

Enterprise mobility expert Cortado outlines how businesses can make their iOS business container even more secure and meet all of their enterprise mobility needs. This is outlined in detail in an infographic illustrating the new features from iOS 8 and how IT can have piece of mind that private and sensitive company data stays that way.

Check out the infographic here.

The Passport: Blackberry’s Comeback?

The recently launched Blackberry Passport is the latest competitor in the smartphone wars. According to Blackberry, the Passport is a device that fundamentally changes the way business professionals get work done on their smartphone.

But what’s it all about? In short, it’s all about the users’ productivity.

The Passport comes pre-loaded with Blackberry’s 10.3 operating system and new productivity enhancing components:

  • Blackberry Assistant helps manage work and personal tasks through an intelligent, contextual user experience based on the user’s input choice, typing commands, speaking commands or using Bluetooth
  • Blackberry Blend integrates the Passport’s content with the Mac, Windows and Android newest OS versions so email, texts, calendar data, documents and media will be real-time accessible on the device of your choice – phone, tablet or computer
  • Amazon Appstore provides immediate access to productivity apps, popular game and social media

For in-depth reviews, read Blackberry’s Press Release, Joanna Stern’s review in the Wall Street Journal, and Molly Wood’s review in the New York Times.

What do you think of the Passport? Share with us your experience below.

Facebook to Test High-Flying, Internet-Supplying Drones by 2015

Back in March, Facebook said they would consider using drones in an effort to provide wireless Internet to unconnected world population. At the recent Mashable’s Social Good Summit, Facebook provided further details on these Internet-supplying drones. By the way, Yael Maguire, director at Facebook Connectivity Lab, said he preferred the word “planes” instead of “drones” when it comes to providing Internet access to the developing world.

“In order for us to fly these planes — unmanned planes that have to fly for months, or perhaps years at a time — we actually have to fly above the weather, above all airspace,” Maguire said. “That’s between 60,000 and 90,000 feet. Routinely, planes don’t fly there, and certainly not drones.”

These planes would have to be solar powered, as no amount of fuel would be enough to fly these planes for such long periods of time.  The design of such plane would be “roughly the size of a commercial aircraft, like a 747,” Maguire said.

Maguire and the rest of the team plan to test one of these planes by 2015 and are hoping for current regulations to allow one pilot be in control of about 100 of these planes.

Facebook has looked into 21 countries in Latin America, India, Africa and Asia that would beneficiate from Internet connectivity. Maguire and the team are looking for ways to comply with the various aircraft restrictions some of these countries have.

How do you feel about Facebook “planes” and their effort to provide wireless Internet?

California passes Kill Switch Law

Approximately 3.1 million smartphone thefts were reported in 2013, which is double the amount from 2012. California, as of 2015, will require all smartphones to be equipped with a “kill switch,” which essentially allows owners to wipe and disable the phone remotely.

With Governor Jerry Brown’s signature on Aug. 26, 2014, any cellphone manufactured after July 1, 2015 will be required to have this new feature, a process known as “bricking.” Stolen phones will be unusable once they are wiped and disabled. Federal government supports such action and has been considering extending it to federal grounds. Minnesota was the nation’s first state to pass a law requiring smartphones to have the ability to be remotely disabled.

All current manufacturers, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, HTC, LG, Samsung and all major carriers have opted to build better anti-theft devices by July of next year.

Apple, for instance, has given iPhone owners the ability to perform a remote wipe through “Find My Phone” service since iOS 4 upgrade in 2010. But it was not until iOS 7 that Apple introduced an activation lock along with the remote wipe service. So any iPhone with iOS 7 is already compliant with California’s new law.

As for android systems, any device with 2.3 version or higher can use Android Device Manager to locate a stolen phone and perform a remote wipe. However, it can only perform a factory reset, so phones are still usable. Android’s current anti-theft service does not comply with the new law.

But with the upcoming upgrade, Android L, users will have access to a remote-lock service, essentially bringing the Android devices into compliance with the new law.

Can California’s new law reduce smartphones theft? If so, should it be extended to federal grounds? Let us know what you think below or in Twitter.

Game Content Streaming Revenue Exceeded $4B

2011 was a catalyst year for the competitive gaming  - AKA eSports – online video industry. That year, YouTube and newcomer Twitch made streaming live video game content easy and efficient.

A recent U.S. Internet Peak Traffic study by Deepfield found the number four ranking went to the little-known, three-year-old company Twitch, with 1.8 percent of U.S. peak Internet traffic. The number four spot puts Twitch ahead of Hulu and Facebook in terms of Internet traffic generated by U.S. companies’ networks during peak usage hours. Twitch streams game content to more than 55 million users per month, with 106 minutes watched per viewer, per day.

NewZoo, an international, full service market research and consulting firm focused on the games industry, reports the 2013 eSports and game-related video content streaming revenue in North America was $4.38B or 20% of the global market share – easily surpassing the music streaming revenue estimates of $3B in 2014.

Game content video streaming revenue and its predominantly ‘young male’ gamer demographic is so desirable; Amazon bought Twitch last month for an initial price of $970 million with additional incentives that could push the total to over $1billion.

Did these numbers surprise you or did you expect them? Share with us your thoughts below.

What’s next for Windows and the Enterprise?

On September 30, 2014, Microsoft’s “Windows Event” will take place in San Francisco. At the event, the tech giant is expected to deliver a “Windows Technical Preview,” where developers and enterprise customers will have the opportunity to learn more about major changes the company is making.

Details about what those major changes entail are not disclosed yet, but many believe Microsoft might be leading to more enterprise-friendly improvements, following the footsteps of Apple. When the company launched iOS 7, Apple provided advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver great user experience for employees.

One of the most expected changes Microsoft might showcase is an improved Windows system. A preview of Windows 9 and its features could be part of the “Windows Event” as well.

Over the past few weeks, leaked screenshots and videos have led many to speculate we could also see a new Start menu, a number of business-facing features like virtual desktops and a notification center. The Windows 9 Notification Center is expected to collect system and application alerts, similar to how Windows phones. This could potentially be viewed as an initiation to aid mobile device management in the enterprise sector. Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, will also most likely be included in the new OS with even more features.

What new or improved Windows features would you find most helpful for the enterprise? Let us know below or on Twitter.

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo: Next Gen and Back When

The SCTE has gone fishing – overseas – looking to increase its ranks. Its Cable-Tec Expo in Denver this week expects international show attendees to reach 10%, up 4% from last year. To act as an international gateway for membership and certification standards, SCTE recently launched their International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE), a brand and training division that will supply training and certification resources around the world.

Another of SCTE’s efforts is to educate the industry about next-gen technologies for the home. This year’s Cable-Tec Expo includes a record-setting 48 workshops, designed to focus on next-gen customer experiences, video and networks. A recent SCTE press release provided explanation for the workshop agenda:

“The cable technology community is continuing to raise the bar when it comes to the innovation and service delivery that can attract and retain customers,” said Daniel Howard, senior vice president and CTO of SCTE.  ”The agenda created by Tony Werner and our Program Committee is designed to provide engineering and operations professionals with the tools they need to sharpen our industry’s competitive edge.”

It’s important to acknowledge the visionary people and important places that got the industry to where it is today. Denver, home to Comcast, CableLabs and the Cable Center, is still a cable innovation epicenter. This makes it fitting that the Cable-Tec Expo is back in the Mile High City this year, as SCTE celebrates is 45th anniversary.

What are you most looking forward to from the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo? Leave a comment or share with us on Twitter.

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014 Restaurant Dining Options – Where to Eat in Denver

Where’s the beef?  Wonder no more.  VisiTech PR warmly welcomes the international cable technology industry to our headquarters’ town of Denver, Colorado.  Denver is a foodie town. There are many fantastic dining options that take you well beyond the basic steak dinner.  To get a true feel for the city, go beyond downtown.  Denver is known for its intimate neighborhoods with great restaurants.  We hope to make your visit next week a little more enjoyable by offering some of our favorite restaurant suggestions.

Any of the areas we recommend below can be reached within a 10-minute taxi ride.  Can’t find a taxi?  Download the Uber app and have a private car service within minutes.

Neighborhood: Downtown – Lodo, Larimer Square, 16th Street Mall

The convention center neighborhood has plenty of world-class dining options.

Cholon Modern Asian Bistro

Ostera Marco

Sushi Sasa

Vesta Dipping Grill

Tag Raw Bar

Tag Restaurant


Lower 48 Kitchen


Neighborhood: Capitol Hill, Cheeseman Park, Cherry Creek North

Southeast of downtown, this area has some great fresh, farm-to-table options and cozy neighborhood Italian bistros.

Carmines on Penn

Luca d’Italia



Table 6

Potager Restaurant & Wine Bar

True Food Kitchen

Neighborhood: Wash Park

Southeast of downtown, between downtown and the Cable Center, this is a convenient neighborhood for a drink or dinner before or after events at the Cable Center.

Wash Park Grill

Max’s Gill and Grill

Homegrown Tap & Dough

Neighborhood: Uptown, City Park

Just east of downtown.  This area is more hipster and casual.


Pinche Tacos

Il Posto

Neighborhood: The Highlands

Northwest of downtown, this area has several mouthwatering options.

Root Down

Z Cuisine



Bon Appétit! We wish you a successful SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2014: From QAM to Cloud to Multiscreen

Keeping ahead in today’s increasingly competitive, yet condensing cable market, isn’t easy. To do this, operators must differentiate themselves by launching new services and expanding their offerings.

But, this doesn’t come for free.

Operators must rapidly upgrade their networks, increasing complexity and in turn, hiking up costs and threatening overall video quality.

At SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, both Edgeware (booth #230) and Net Insight (booth #1007) will discuss new customer success stories and unveil and demo new solutions for the first time in the U.S. to overcome these barriers. This ranges from Edgeware’s ability to consolidate new and legacy network devices for multiscreen and cloud DVR to Net Insight’s generation of new revenue streams by freeing up QAM for new channels and improved picture quality.

Executives from each company will be available to discuss show news and the direction the market will head in the future. If you’d like us to arrange an appointment, make sure to leave a comment below. Otherwise, check back next week to learn more about news from the show.